Terrence Moore spent more than a quarter century at the Atlanta Journal Constitution ; if you include stints at the Cincinnati Enquirer and the San Francisco Chronicle, he’s got more than three decades of print journalism under his belt.  As such, he probably deserves only a little bit of scorn for phoning in the following platitudes about Yankees SS Derek Jeter, whose July 9 heroics are described sarcastically as “just another time for folks to take the guy for granted.”  Y’see, Jeter isn’t merely cluch, he’s sooo clutch that if you’re not praising his clutchitude 24-7, you’re selling The Captain short.  From MLB.com :

Jeter never disrespects the game or anybody else. In fact, nobody is more professional in any Major League clubhouse than this guy, and it doesn’t matter whether it is after a victory or a defeat for the Yankees, or following a wonderful game or a wretched one on a personal basis. He is always at his locker for the large contingent of New York media to flow his way. Then, before making sure that everybody is in position for the latest Jeter session, he always gives direct eye contact to every questioner while delivering his answers with even tones.

The man is peerless. He really is.

I mean, despite the prying eyes of outsiders experienced by all power athletes, Jeter has remained unscathed. This is some trick, especially since he is a 37-year-old bachelor who has dated the likes of Mariah Carey, Lara Dutta (Miss Universe 2000) and actress Jessica Alba.

Well, not totally unscathed.