(left to right, Eddie Murphy in “Norbit”, Marlon Wayans in “White Girls”)

I’m as guilty as everyone else who eagerly anticipated Eddie Murphy’s public embrace of crossdressing and taking the title of funniest black woman in America away from Martin Lawrence with Norbit (#1 at the box office, 33.7 mil — beat that Mahtin!). I thought I had all my PC cards in place by supporting funny black transvestites, until this came across my desk, from activist Ajee Ali:

Eddie Murphy’s billboard disrespects Black women and continues to perpetuate negative stereotypical images that large Black women are sexually aggressive, unattractive, violent and promiscuous. These types of negative images are damaging to our community and to have this ad campaign unveiled during Black History Month is a slap in our face and disrespectful,” a press release for the protest states.

Unattractive — I thought he was hot in that outfit. Anyway, where was Ann Coulter when the Wayans Brothers made “White Girls?”