(the new Mr. Blackswill?)

It’s about time MLB —- despite its insatiable lust for profit — never again embraces such blatant disrespect for the game’s traditions.  But enough about interleague play, Murray Chass has a more dangerous development to complain about in today’s New York Times.

Worst baseball fashion trend of the year: the pullover shirts many managers wear instead of regular uniform shirts. The rulebook doesn™t prohibit the shirts ” it governs only players™ uniforms ” but Major League Baseball could declare the managers out of uniform and tell them to dress right.

It™s highly unlikely that managers would want to be like Connie Mack and wear suits and ties, but they have taken their appearance to the other extreme. They are not only part of a team but also the team leader and would be wise to look like their players. Billy Martin, Earl Weaver and Sparky Anderson would never have worn the pullovers.

œI like people wearing uniforms, Commissioner Bud Selig said. œIt™s something we need to talk about. Being in a proper uniform is important.