From the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick

Why were so many of the beer commercials so violent? Beer doesn’t make people violent, does it?

Why were the promos for Lorne Michaels’ new sitcom on ABC loaded with cheap, crude and childish sex gags, the kind that would get a junior high school kid suspended?

I have to admit, when I saw the not-very-impressive commercials for “Unscripted”, the very first thought that ran through my mind was “Phil’s gonna say his family shouldn’t be assaulted with such vulgarity”. Which, I realize, is right up with Michelle Tafoya saying she knew the Steelers would call the gadget play after they’ve already done so. But ever since Mushnick claimed that his kids’ virgin ears were raped by Pete Franklin so many years ago, I’ve had to wonder — given that sports TV and radio are such a festering cesspool of cussing, sex, violence, expensive sneakers and excessive celebrations, can Phil in good conscience continue to abuse his family like this? Shouldn’t social services have the kids moved to a more healthy environment, perhaps one where the father doesn’t watch as much sports?