….as the Suns trainers couldn’t stop the bleeding. Which reminds me, Mr. Harvey, nice headline, but a slight shame you couldn’t get through the article with a gratuitious swipe at Dallas’ Owner With A Boner (those San Antonians really know how to hold a grudge).

Even if the Spurs/Suns Western Conference Semis got off to a start only Eva Longoria Herschel Gordon Lewis could love, not for the last first or last time, I’ve to give it up to San Antonio’s Greg Popovich. Though he might be somewhere to the right of Dick Army, as of right this moment, there’s no reason to believe the Spurs can’t win their 4th ring in 8 seasons. There was nothing flukey about taking a game in Phoenix this time of year, just as Tim Duncan’s performance at both ends of the floor (33 points, 16 rebounds) was nothing short of exceptional.

If you thought the Nash/Tony Parker collision had a gruesome result, you ain’t seen nothing yet.