Or should that be “needles to say?” “I’ve said Novitzky makes up his own rules for years,” sneered/Tweeted Victor Conte (above) earlier today, echoing the judgement of the U.S. Court Of Appeals Of The 9th Circuit,  who ruled today the federal government’s no. 1 Sultan Of Surly hunter Jeff Novitsky acted improperly in seizing the infamous 2003 list of 104 MLB Players Who-Took-Something-Or-Other. From Fair Play’s John Pessah :

Novitzky led a raid on the California Date Testing center in April of 2004 as part of his investigation into the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative. He entered CDT with a search warrant for 10 players connected to BALCO, but seized a computer directory that contained the names of all 104 players who failed the tests. The directory also had confidential drug tests of players from the NFL, NHL and three private businesses.

The Ninth Circuit ruled that the government only had access to the 10 players connected to BALCO.

“I know that he violated my rights and I believe he has done so with many others as well. said Victor Conte, who owned BALCO and has been a consistent critic of Novitzky.