Most persons over the age of 18 have a passing familiarity with the notion of shame, so I can understand why being photographed on your way to arrangement on charges of internet sex crimes would be a drag. But the time honored perp-walk practice of covering one’s head with a coat only serves to say to the public, “fuck, I’m guilty.” As does having your elderly parents spazz out on the reporters. . From the New York Daily News’ John Marzulli.

Marcus is confined to his parents’ North Woodmere home and his father was forced to surrender his home computer. His parents stood by their son yesterday, posting their home to get him out of jail and lashing out at reporters as they left Brooklyn Federal Court.

“Go to hell!” Belle Marcus, 76, snarled from under a coat covering her head.

“Are you from The Wall Street Journal?” Gerald Marcus, 76, a hedge fund manager, asked a photographer. “I want to be in The Wall Street Journal. That’s my comment. Now get lost!”

Later, the father swatted a Daily News photographer with a cardboard box.