Nets 100, Heat 88

(Derek Anderson, Stu Jackson will be ringing….so don’t be feeding the dog people-food)

It took a trip to Miami for Jason Kidd to regain the shooting touch that eluded him in the Pacers series, as the Nets withstood a furious comeback from a Heat team that was turnover crazy for the game’s first 3 quarters.

Not only was Shaq in foul trouble for much of the evening, but actually believes $9.87 is a fair price to charge for a copy of “Kazaam” on DVD.

The Clippers are up by 5 entering the 4th quarter in Phoenix. Elton Brand is leading his own MVP re-count campaign (23 points, 10 for 13 from the field) and no one has grabbed Chris Kamen’s penis. Not during the game, anyway.

If Mike Dunleavy doesn’t give Walter McCarty some playing time, I don’t see how Tommy Heinson can be expected to follow this series. On another gratuitious tip, if the Clips somehow go all the way and win their first-ever championship, what’s the protocol for pouring champagne over Vin Baker?

I don’t wanna get all Mr. Blackswill on TNT’s Craig Sager (System), but Level 42 just called. They want their ugly fucking wardrobe back.