(rare photo of Phil sans beard)

…mostly because it’s been done to death. And I don’t necessarily believe the New York Post’s sports media conscience columnist is a prude ; after an extended conversation last month, I think he’s sincere in believing children and those of a delicate nature are unfairly assaulted with unseemly images and words while trying to enjoy afternoon television. Some might argue that in the modern world, traditional notions of family-friendly prime time viewing hours are an anachronism ; for Junior or Granny, “Faces Of Death” or Xtube are a just a broadband connection away, no matter matter the time of day. Regardless, Phil continues to fight the principled fight against doing it doggy style unnecessary crudity on the idiot box.

Three Sunday afternoons ago, viewers of the Jets-Raiders were ambushed by a CBS promo for the sitcom “Mike & Molly.” With Molly on her hands and knees and facing the camera, a gym instructor stood directly behind her. In case anyone missed the visual message, she then said, “Easy does it. The last guy I let back there had to buy me a ring.”

This past Monday, at 6 p.m., during Game 2 of the ALCS, an ambush promo for the FOX show “Bones” included a similar on-hands-and-knees scene — only the man at the woman’s posterior was gyrating his pelvis. That, too, was followed by a wisecrack to ensure that no one missed the point.

Of course, such inappropriate promos are selected for just that reason — they’re inappropriate. But if anyone at CBS or FOX wishes to put their name, title and approval to these ads appearing at such times, I’ll be happy to credit them, right here. Hey, if you’re going to be so bold, don’t hide. Stand up, be recognized!