C Marc Jackson, who as recently as ’06/07 played regularly for the Hornets, was the leading scorer and 2nd-leading rebounder for Olympiakos this season. Said production didn’t prevent Jackson from being jettisoned, a situation explained yesterday by the Boston Globe’s Peter May :

In a move that can only be explained by these three words – that’s European basketball – Jackson was released just before the start of a three-game playoff series with CSKA Moscow, and was replaced on the roster by Qyntel Woods. (That’s a story for another day.)

A Greek mole said the main reason for the move was that Jackson and new Olympiakos coach Giannakis Panagiotis (above), who also happens to be the national coach, have not seen eye-to-eye since Panagiotis took over six weeks ago. He considered Jackson to be more interested in stats, a liability on defense, and a bad influence on Lynn Greer, one of the team’s best players (and former Milwaukee Buck, who, like Jackson, went to Temple). Former Sun/Grizzly Jake Tsakalidis is getting more time in Jackson’s spot and Olympiakos also will be able to add Baby Shaq (Sofocles Schortsianitis) for the playoffs. He has been on a weight-loss program all season.

The Association’s Craig Kwasniewski reviews the plethora of injuries suffered by the Lakers the last several years and wonders if the club’s training staff bear any responsibility.

How is it that a team like Phoenix is able to avoid similiar problems? They cured Steve Nash’s chronic back, they cured Grant Hill’s ridonkulous ankle problems and Shaquille O’Neal is moving around like it’s 2005. Even Amare Stoudemire has completely recovered a career-threatening micro-facture surgery! And didn’t Raja Bell return from a horrible-looking spained ankle? How are these guys able to go at it a nightly basis and the younger Lakers sit in designer suits?