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“Though ESPN Classic is normally loaded with old garbage — pro wrestling, American Gladiators — instead of classic sports, it carried yesterday’s Baseball Hall Of Fame inductions as if they made a good fit.” – Phil Mushnick, New York Post, July 28

A cursory scan of today’s TV listings reveals ESPN Classic (aka “The Ocho”) features “American Gladiators” at 6pm, and AWA Wrestling at 11pm.  By what measure does Mushnick consider one twelfth of ESPN Classic’s daily schedule “loaded”?   Would the Post’s TV sports columnist have us believe a channel that serves up a daily dose of Howie Schwab and Denise Austin is unworthy of Goose Gossage’s acceptance speech?  By what twisted perspective is Verne Gagne’s venerable midwestern wrestling promotion deemed “old garbage”, while impressionable viewers have just as much “Arli$$” foisted upon them?