Which has nothing at all to do with Greg Oden’s knee, so why bother discussing it?

It’s not even Portland that’s overly obsessed: ESPN.com has no less than half a dozen stories. Kiki Vandeweghe, J.A. Adande, Chris Broussard and Bill Simmons have all piled on since the A.P. and Henry Abbott kicked things off before the Blazers’ press conference. ESPNews also did a half-hour special. (Update: Chad Ford’s piece has just shown up).

Now the Portland brass is on the radio (and I cannot believe that I just had to hear the words, “you’re listening to Fox News Radio… fair and balanced”).

OregonLive.com’s Casey Holdahl has already gone around-the-Internets, and saves his best thoughts for the Sports Guy and embittered fans:

Bill Simmons swoops in with the “I told you so” column.

I scurried down the hallway to see him. Lo and behold, Oden was walking by himself down the last stretch of the hallway, about 50 feet in all, right before the exit to head outside. And you know what? He walked like a 50-year-old man. His posture was screwed up. He had the Fred Sanford walk going. If you saw him from behind and just studied his walk, you would have thought it was a retired player, someone like Patrick Ewing or Robert Parish. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t stop talking about it the rest of the night. Greg Oden walked like a guy who had bad knees. If I were Portland’s GM and watched Oden walk across the room, that would have been it for me. The next day, I even called my buddy Sully (who works for the Celtics) just to have the obligatory, “Yo, we might have dodged a bullet May 22; Greg Oden walks like a 50-year-old man” conversation.

Now, you could argue this is the single dumbest thing I’ve ever written, and you might even be right.

Hard to argue with him right now.


I heard a caller on 1080 The Fan complaining that the Blazers wouldn’t refund their season tickets. To that guy, and to all the other people out there with the same sentiment, at best you’re a fairweather fan, and at worst, you’re a total, total loser

Right now, on the broadcast, Kevin Pritchard responds to the Adrian Wojnarowski report that Oden’s pre-draft MRIs did not look good (Pritchard has described them as “pristine”):

The ‘Eastern Conference GM’ who they are using as a source doesn™t know what he™s talking about… just goes to show you that another team™s GM talking about another team™s players is probably not the brightest thing to do.