Mets 4, Cardinals 0 (series tied at 3)

(Albert asks the ‘Stache if he knows of a good personal trainer)

During his postgame presser, Tony La Genius assured the assembled throng that had the score been 2-0, rather than 4-0 entering the 9th inning, “you’d have seen a different Billy Wagner out there.”

And I agree. You’d have seen Billy Wagner that blew a save, or Billy Wagner the Losing Pitcher.

The only thing that’s stopping So Taguchi from being the Greatest Hitter of All-Time is the fact he has to face pitchers besides Billy Wagner every now and then.

It took long enough, but Braden Looper finally came through for the Mets in what Chris Russo would like to call, “a big spot.” Speaking of big spots, Happy Birthday, Mad Dog. I hope you were able to stay awake for this one.

Though I sincerely doubt Charlie Samuels reads the comments section of CSTB, I’ll take full credit just the same. Blue hats / ‘stripes = crucial Game 6 win.

Kevin Kennedy — who spent an unusual amount of time during yesterday’s XM chat with Jim Hendry reminding us he almost got the Dodger job (but he loves TV and radio work way too much) — observed that “we do know for sure that Oliver Perez will be the first starter tomorrow night.” And with K-Squared’s unique way with words firmly in mind, I think whoever is first to relieve Perez should henceforth be known as “the second starter.” Language has to evolve for our civilization to thrive, and I think it is sad that Kevin Kennedy is the only person who realizes this.

After being persecuted all across the blogosphere the past 24 hours, Shawn Green (2-3, RBI) was a key contributor in the biggest game of the season. Apparently, the pregame pep talk from Steve Lyons did a world of good.

(pic 1 : on the right, Todd Zeile. pic 2 : Tim Teufel)

SNY’s postgame analysis might lack for substance, but there’s plenty of sizzle. Outside of Bristol U., can you name a studio show with such dreamy dudes dropping the science?