Mets 0, Cardinals 0 (top of the 6th)

The moment of silence for Buck O’Neil and Cory Lidle was impeccably observed. Other than Sam Frank’s cell phone conversation.

The ritual abuse dealt to the handful of saps in Cards jerseys has been very uncool . Particularly as none of them resemble the Human Whoopee Cushion.

Hottest moments thus far ; Pujols being doubled off first on Juan Encarnnacion’s liner to Beltran in the top of the 4th, and Endy Shernoff-Chavez (above) robbing Ronnie Belliard with a tremendous diving grab in the top of the 5th.

Chavez replaced Cliff Floyd, who appeared to reinjure himself while running out a foul ball down the left field line in his only at bat during the 2nd inning. Unlike the strange man three seats to my right, I didn’t bring a Realistic table radio circa 1974 with me to the upper deck, so I cannot update you on Clifford’s condition (though you could update me, hint hint)