Dropping names like Mick Farren’s Deviants and The Soft Boys, Chicago’s mighty HoZac Records describes Austin’s Rayon Beach (12:30am) as “one of the most head-blasting, endorphin-rushing musical anomalies we’ve stumbled across in a while,” High praise, and for once in a lifetime a record label is not entirely full of shit.

Air Traffic Controllers (11:45pm) have existed in 3 cities, two countries and have gone thru no fewer than a Tap-esque 14 drummers in as many years of existence. After a staggering 5 albums released between ’97 and 2000, the reconstituted duo will be releasing something sooner or later via the revived Parallelism imprint to celebrate a decade of self-imposed obsolescence.

Tapebombs.com credits Austin’s Holy Wave (11pm)
with fashioning “a mesmerizing style of drone-y neo-psychedelia that while challenging at times is mostly pure otherworldly gold” If “challenging” is a pejorative, I don’t know what’s wrong with the world.

I don’t know dick about Vanished Clan (10:15pm), which probably means they’ll end up blowing us off the stage. Fuck.

The show is free, the beers will be cheap and as always, Club 1808 features free valet parking. One of the above statements is not true and there are no prizes for guessing which one.