From the New York Daily News’ Jimmy Vielkind and Dave Goldiner.

New neighbors of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (above, left) were crying foul yesterday after the NBA great apparently dumped a huge pile of trash – complete with a pair of old size-17 sneakers – in the front yard of a home next-door to his Harlem brownstone.

“It would not matter if it was the Queen of England,” raged neighbor Gisele Allard, 58. “Most people are not abusive like that.”

The sneakers, a Los Angeles Lakers ID card and a front row ticket for last spring’s NCAA basketball championship game were buried amid the pile of flattened boxes dumped in Allard’s front yard.

There was also a Dear Kareem postcard from a masseuse, a blow gun and an empty cardboard box for a martial arts kendo sword.

“In my opinion, this is not how you come into a neighborhood,” said Michael Jones, 44, who has lived on the block for two decades. “When you have that kind of money that shouldn’t happen.”

Neighbor William Stratford agreed that Abdul-Jabbar shouldn’t have dumped on his neighbor, but tried to cool tempers by retying the boxes and moving them down to his place a few doors down.

He also grabbed the oversize kicks, which he plans to ask Kareem to autograph – and maybe sell on eBay.