Fox Sports’ Alex Marvez reports that Terrance Gerin aka longtime ECW fixture Rhyno, has announced his intention to run for State Representative in Dearborn, MI. Gerin, seen most recently starring for WWE’s NXT development arm, tells Marvez, “I think candidates that run against me will try to make fun of (wrestling) to discredit me, which is understandable. But I want to go out and discuss how we can make this state better, how we can make people’s lives easier and educate the kids.”

“The cool thing about what wrestling has done for me is opening a lot of doors,” Gerin told during a Friday phone interview. “It’s given me a loud voice. That’s very important when you represent people and want to try to get stuff done. You want someone representing you who knows how hard it is to get doors open.”

Gerin said he let WWE owner Vince McMahon know backstage about his plans to run for office.

“I told Vince, ‘I hope I make you proud,’ ” Gerin recalled. “He said, ‘You already have.’ He then followed up by saying if there was anything (WWE) can do to help to let them know.

“He didn’t ask what party I was running for or this and that. The McMahons’ love for their country is just contagious.”

Contagious is certainly one word for it.