(oblivious to the sudsy shortage, Edmonton’s Rem Murray celebrates)

While the Edmonton Oilers are a mere game away from advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals, CTV reports that crucial supplies are running low (link supplied by mmv tan who adds the story “might be apocyphal, judging from some of the pics on Covered In Oil, maybe not.”)

Managers of bars on Whyte Avenue, known as the Blue Mile during the hockey playoffs, have had to place emergency orders for beer.

John MacDonald, manager of Hudsons Tap House, sent his staff out to the local liquor store to replenish supplies on Sunday, when Edmonton beat Anaheim 3-1.

Liquor suppliers have also told him that it’s busier now than it is at Christmas, which is traditionally the busiest time of the year, the Edmonton Sun reported MacDonald as saying.

More than 10,000 fans were reportedly on Whyte Avenue on Sunday night, following the Oilers win against the Mighty Ducks. There were no reported instances of violence.

Oilers fans had previously made headlines for disturbances on Whyte Avenue. People have been stabbed, assaulted, and stores have been vandalized.

Premier Ralph Klein has asked fans to show some restraint.

“This is something to celebrate, not something that results in hooliganism,” the premier said.

I’d just like to say — and I’m being entirely serious here — that Alberta is a truly awesome place if they’d elect a premier named Ralph.

TSN is reporting the Bruins have offered their GM position to Nashville assistant Ray Shero, son of former Flyers coach Fred.