Man, I’m on some kind of lousy headline streak over here.  Still, I’m having more good fortune than Hurricane, WV resident Troy Sexton, 40, aka “Troy From West Virginia” was was arrested Tuesday evening at Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark after being barred from the premises some 6 years earlier.  Sexton, who seems to be somewhat notorious in the Dodgers online community, was was charged with criminal trespass and obstructing official business, though as the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Kimball Perry explains, he’s no stranger to brushes with authority.

Sexton has a reputation for doing odd things and being a fan of the Dodgers, who played the Reds at Tuesday’s game, especially former left-handed relief pitcher Joe Beimel, now with the Seattle Mariners. Sexton is a Beimel fan who posted several YouTube videos of his adoration for the reliever.

During a June 17, 2008 game, Sexton was accused of being involved in a fight that drew so much attention, the game was delayed. He was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. In exchange for Sexton pleading guilty to disorderly conduct, the resisting arrest charge was dropped. In addition to a night in jail in that incident, his sentence also included $341 in fines and court costs.