Broncos QB Peyton Manning cursed in the face of Texas safety D.J. Swearinger during last night’s preseason tilt in Denver, an act that seems slightly at odds with the public image of the sure-thing Hall Of Famer / Papa John’s franchise owner. Especially so, when you consider Peyton’s long-standing opposition to working blue, as typified by a passage in the 2002 tome, “Manning: A Father, His Sons, and a Football Legacy”, a John Underwood-ghosted fluff job that criticized former Tennessee athletic trainer Jamie Ann Naughright for having “a vulgar mouth”.

Given Manning’s determination to publicly name and shame a young woman (who also had the temerity to accuse him of sitting on her face during a medical examination) who used foul language, can we really believe he’d bellow obscenities in the direction of an opponent?