And that is how I would write a headline for the New York Times. If I were doing it for the New York Post on the subject covered below, it would read “Grungy Dungy Hammers Homosexuals.” It’s a (stylistic) choice, people. It seems as if Tony Dungy is working with the same people who handle David Wright’s endorsements. A post on AOL’s Fanhouse, on January 29, suggested that the following news about Tony Dungy “has the feel of a story that could get a lot of attention as the media horde looks for something to write about this week”:

The homepage of the Indiana Family Institute features a picture of Colts coach Tony Dungy on the sideline during a game, promoting a fundraising dinner for the Institute at which Dungy will be the guest of honor.

The web site, which describes itself as promoting “Voices from the Indiana LGBT community,” is expressing “dismay and disappointment” that Dungy is associating himself with the organization.

The IFI is one of the leading proponents of SJR7, the proposed Indiana Constitutional amendment on marriage rights, and other legislative efforts to deny equal rights to LGBT folks. Under the guise of protecting traditional family values, it helps spread misinformation that fosters bigitory toward our community and our own families.

Of course, despite 600,000 stories about the Super Bowl in media great and small during the week, that didn’t happen. Various blogs — primarily those dealing with gay issues, although political biggies like Daily Kos and Atrios, linked back to the Bilerico post– covered it, but no newspaper wrote a story about what Dungy is doing politicking with the Indiana branch of James Dobson’s Focus on the Family empire. It seems safe to say that it won’t come up now, despite Dungy popping off after the game that “Lovie Smith and I are not only African-American but also Christian coaches, showing you can do it the Lord’s way. We’re more proud of that.” Best, probably, not to ruin the moment. After all, this game — and that one Doritos commercial where people didn’t get really badly hurt — pretty much ended racism, yeah?

Good seats are still available for the Indiana Family Institute’s “Friends of the Family” banquet on March 20, with Dungy as the keynote speaker. It’s $75 a person, but $600 for an 8 person table, which breaks down to…$75 per person. Dobson always delivers the value. Anyway, who’s going? I’m going to need a ride.