Mets 7, Yankees 6 (posted from the freezing Shea parking lot)

Joe Torre and Willie Randolph each opted to use their closers in a non-save situation tonight, and for the latter it paid off handsomely. Billy Wagner retired The Giambino, A-Rod and the rushed-into-service catcher Kelly Stinnett, while Mariano Rivera allowed David Wright’s warning track, game-winning single, scoring Paul Lo Duca from 2nd.

Earlier, Rivera successfully challenged Carlos Beltran, but issued an intentional pass to Carlos Delgado, preferring to face Wright with the winning run on 2nd.

Aaron Heilman (scoreless 6th, 7th and 8th innings) was nothing short of brilliant in relief of Darren Oliver and Jeremi Gonzalez.

Randy Johnson (5 innings, 500 pitches, 6 earned runs, HR’s to Beltran and Xavier Nady, 3 walks) was as effective as he is handsome.

Nice one, Yankees. A 4-0 lead, the Unit on the hill and you couldn’t get the job done. Tomorrow’s pitching match-up is Pedro vs. a starter (Mike Mussina) who might actually show up.