Prior to this evening’s Cards/White Sox contest, the recently chastised Ozzie Guillen was asked by Comcast Chicago what he thought his sensitivity training would be like.

“I’ll probably have to sit with Joey Cora for a couple of hours,” laughed Guillen.

St. Louis starter Anthony Reyes took a no-hitter in the 7th before allowing a Jim Thome solo HR, the only offense in Chicago’s 1-0 win.

Highlight of the night if not the year : the Fish and O’s are tied at 5 in the top of the 10th, nobody out and Hanley Ramirez on 2nd base, Todd Willaims (above) attempted to walk Miguel Cabrera intentionally. Miggy pulled a Kelly Leak and hit an outside pitch that wasn’t nearly outside enough for an RBI single into centerfield. The Marlins went on to win their 10th out of 11, 8-5…and perhaps Rockin’ Leo can hold a clinic tomorrow with the Baltimore staff about how to properly issue a free pass.