From Ynet News’ Efrat Weiss :

Chairman of the United Jewish Front party, Baruch Marzel, called on Israeli model and former Miss Universe Linor Aberjil (above, left) Thursday to turn down a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, non-Jewish Lithuanian NBA player Sarunas Jasikevicius (right).

Aberjil, and Jasikevicius, who plays for the Indiana Pacers, have announced on Sunday they are getting married.

“I was pained to hear you intend to marry basketball player Jasikevicius,” Marzel wrote in a letter to Aberjil. “I have nothing against Sharas, and he may well be a wonderful, charming man, but as long as he has not converted, you must not make such a move.”

Marzel wrote Aberjil that if she weds Jasikevicius she would be divorcing the people of Israel as well as her family.

In the letter, Marzel begged Aberjil to think of her grandparents, Jewish tradition and the Israeli Torah. “The greatest danger to our people is assimilation! I urge you in the last minute not to make this move,” he wrote.

“If you wish to be informed of the dangers associated with marrying gentiles, I am leaving you my cell phone number. Please call me any time and I shall help you.”

With all due respect to Neil Straus, that might be the worst pick-up line I’ve ever read.