There’s actually been some interesting stuff happening during Super Bowl Week besides an ex-Gawker Media employee meeting Steve Serby and Joey Porter flipping out. The Green Bay Press Gazette’s Andy Nelson covers the sordid tale of Packers LB Nick Barnett trying to bumrush the DJ booth at a Milwaukee nightclub.

George May, also known as DJ Geotech, said he was working Monday night at Rain when Barnett entered the disc jockey booth and asked to talk over the microphone.

May, 26, said he told Barnett that he wasn™t allowed to let patrons use the microphone, but would make announcements about Barnett being in the club.

œHe took the mike out of my hand. He tried talking on the mike, but he couldn™t figure out how to turn it on.

May said that as he tried to get the microphone back from Barnett, the situation became heated.

May said Barnett grabbed him and started choking him.

œAt that point, I was afraid for my life. I was really scared, May said.

Rain bouncer David Snyder saw the altercation develop from his perch near an upstairs VIP area. He initially thought Barnett was going into the DJ booth to request a song, but that changed when Barnett grabbed the emcee.

œNick Barnett grabbed (May) without hesitation, around the throat with one hand, lifted him off the ground and shoved him back, Snyder said Friday.

My thoughts are with Barnett. Brother, I’ve been there. Though I abhor violence, sometimes I’ve gotta take a stand when the DJ won’t play my favorite song.