Who would know more about the dangers of reefer madness? (video link swiped from True Hoop)

I’m having a hard time getting too excited about Knicks snapping a 3 game losing streak with tonight’s 99-81 rout of the Blazers, mostly because Eddy Curry is supposed to be able to throw it down with authority when no one is guarding him. Also because I stared too long at Walt Frazier’s jacket and I’m wondering how I will ever be able to see again.

Not content with removing himself from the Miami Heat bench, sabbatical-crazed Pat Riley suspended Antoine Walker and James Posey for the wonderfully vague “failure to pass a conditioning test.” The depleted Heat were clobbered, 110-95 by the Clippers Wednesday night as Ron Rothstein began his 2nd tour of duty as Miami coach.

Bench Renaldo’s Marcel Mutoni, moonlighting at the Little Blogging Conglomerate That Could, has a problem with Peter Vescey’s work ethic. Though I’m an unabashed fan of Vescey’s work, I can’t say I disagree with Marcel. A list of shout-outs that long, and no props for Frank Drucker or Tom Scharpling?

Back at Bench Renaldo, Mutoni links to a video of Gilbert Arenas’ game-winner tonight against Milwaukee. Another quality shot at a quality time.

D-Wade might’ve been Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman Of The Year, but the T-Wolves’ Eddie Griffin captured some year-end accolades, too (link swiped from I Heart KG)