According to the White Sox front office, following today’s evaluation, a detached right latissimus dorsii suffered in last night’s White Sox/Angels tilt has put a sudden stop to the rejuvenation of RHP Jake Peavy and landed him on the 15-day DL, (a time frame more optimistic than those found in Pentagon briefings).

From my view last night in section 534, Peavy looked fine until Torii Hunter moved to steal in the second inning. Everything was weird about the attempt; Hunter’s jump looked ill-advised and Peavy, after spinning around, jogged toward to second before awkwardly tossing him out by a mile.

Peavy’s next few windups to Mike Napoli looked somehow hitched at their tops. A 2-2 fastball finally sent the Cy Young winner marching right off the mound in pain, practically stalking past trainer Herm Schneider.

Tony Pena came in and held the Halos to 5 hits and their only run.  As the pen suppressed the Angels a second time in the series for a 4-1 win, thoughts first turned to the likely callup Daniel Hudson, whose appearance in the All Star Futures game was today cancelled.  The 23 year old has a 3.47 ERA, 1.20 WHIP over 17 starts with Charlotte, averaging 10.4 K/9 and 3.0 BB/9.

Shortly after, thoughts of past infield transgressions dating to Torii’s reign with the Twins surfaced.  But these were not more than the disgruntled ramblings of scapegoaters.  With long memories.