It was a week ago that I suggested my acquisition of an (ahem) bobblefoot figurine depicting a former politician soliciting a sex act in a public restroom had left my consciousness / psyche free and clear to donate as much spare cash as possble to WFMU‘s annual fund-raising marathon.

Never did I imagine, however, that the listener-sponsored broadcaster (or Chris Tsakis on his lonesome) would find a way to combine two of my greatest passions ; obtaining offense little statues of public figures doing ill-advised things and sending large amounts of money that I can ill-afford to WFMU. But that’s just what he’s done.

Right now on Chris’ “Aerial View”, a minimum pledge of $15 means you’re eligible to win a limited edition, 4.5″ Chris Christie Bridgegate Figurine and an “My Governor Can Eat Your Governor” sticker. If you’re waiting for something…don’t wait much longer.