From the AP  (link courtesy Jon Solomon) :

The Kansas Republican Sam Brownback drew boos and groans from the audience at the state Republican Party convention Friday evening when he used a football analogy to talk about the need to rebuild the family.

œThis is fundamental blocking and tackling, he said. œThis is your line in football. If you don™t have a line, how many passes can Peyton Manning complete? Greatest quarterback, maybe, in NFL history.

ealizing what he had said, Brownback slumped at the podium and put his head in his hands as the crowd expressed its displeasure.

œThat™s really bad, he said. œThat will go down in history. I apologize.

His apology brought a smattering of applause and laughter. He tried to recover, saying former Packer Bart Starr may be the greatest of all time, but the crowd was still restless.

œLet™s take Favre then, Brownback said. œThe Packers are great. I™m sorry. How many passes does he complete without a line?

œAll of them! more than one person yelled from the back.