As public apologies go, it wasn’t quite Vince Coleman saying he wanted to be friends with the children he nearly maimed with fireworks, but that doesn’t mean things went smoothly, either. While we’ve heard noting about Michael Vick’s plea deal with the federal goverment giving him immunity from state or local prosecution, Pro Football Talk poses the logical question, what exactly are the QB’s lawyers thinking?

Vick is still facing possible criminal prosecutions in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina for dog fighting. Though the statement of facts that Vick signed on Thursday likely gives competent prosecutors enough ammo to put him away, anything else Vick says can and will be used against him, and could make getting multiple convictions easier.

The fact that Vick’s legal team allowed him to speak extemporaneously (thanks, Tiki) without a single note or quote is amazing to us. The man is in dire legal jeopardy in a total of four jurisdictions; nothing good can come out of saying anything publicly for now.

While WBZ’s Jack Williams would have us believe the days of the oversexed anchorman are in the rear view mirror, there seems to be some evidence to the contrary.