Salty stuff from Phil Mushnick in Monday’s NY Post.

Eagles-Giants included a commercial in which Donovan McNabb’s mother, “Team Mom” Wilma McNabb, is seen confiscating a player’s hero sandwich, throwing it into the trash and pitching Campbell’s Chunky Soups as a healthy alternative.

Hmmm. A single serving ” one cup ” of Campbell’s Chunky Beef contains 950 mgs of sodium, 40 percent of the daily recommended intake of salt. Campbell’s Chunky Chicken Noodle has 1170 mgs per. It’s recommended by nine out of 10 funeral directors.

Hey, not all of us are sports tv columnists making the big money, Phil. Not everyone can afford your fancy NewsCorp-approved low sodium soups, and as such, have to subsist on two and a half cups of Campbell’s Chunky Beef just to maintain the recommended amount.

Not me, personally, mind you. I wouldn’t eat that stuff on a bet. (Or unless it was free). But many of the Post’s readers are part of America’s Great Disenfranchised, and I’m sure it is very difficult to find the money for expensive sneakers, violent videogames, WWE tickets, public speaking lessons from Stephen A. Smith, etc, and still have the leftover loot for a balanced diet.