A trade that was first floated publicly on Chicago’s WMVP radio yesterday has come true : White Sox CF Aaron Rowand (above) will go to the Phillies in exchange for 1B Jim Thome and $22 million in cash to offset the latter’s contract.

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Todd Zolecki and Jim Salisbury report that the Phillies would also receive and, lefthanded pitchers Giovany “Gio” Gonzalez (above), the White Sox’s first-round pick in the 2004 draft, and Daniel Haigwood, a 22-year-old .

I’m impressed that Philly got as much for Thome as it seems….even with paying such a portion of his salary. We’ve yet to see how the Peoria native will perform in the new era of everybody-looks-30-pounds-lighter, Ryan Howard has already rendered Thome largely surplus to requirements, and it’s hard to say too much about Rowand’s abilities in center.

As for the White Sox, I’m presuming Thome will DH, depending on whether or not Paul Konerko stays. Keeping Frank Thomas wouldn’t have required losing Rowand, but that wasn’t gonna happen, either. Chicago will end up paying Thome around $4.5 million a year after Philly’s contribution.