Though ESPN and Kenny Mayne are using tonight’s Home Run Derby as an excuse to make a travis-shamockery of the noble pursuit of kayaking, let’s instead turn our attention’s to the network’s Josh Elliot.

Chatting with Doug Gottlieb on ESPN Radio this evening, Elliot pronounced Barry Bonds “an onerous personality”, and claimed there’s sentiment amongst the Giants’ brain trust that if Barry Bonds has passed Hank Aaron for the career HR mark prior to the trade deadline, San Francisco would “love” to rid themselves of the Sultan Of Surly.

Elliot neglected to mention which club would be eager to associate itself with Bonds, though I can’t help but fantasize about the Mets placing the All Time HR King in left-field.

Not because I think it would be a terrific move from a baseball perspective or anything. I’m just curious what it would be like to hear Chris Russo badmouth Barry Bonds every day.