As the Marlins’ flirtations with different cities continue, the Palm Beach Post’s David George has some future headlines already finished.

If it’s an attempt to gain some kind of leverage in negotiations, enough already. David Samson (above) will be celebrated like some kind of visiting potentate wherever he pops up, with news conferences and grand tours and fantastic Taj Mahal blueprints superimposed over various empty lots. The rivals will know where they stand, and in what order. It’s a beauty pageant at this stage. Everybody, the Marlins included, will be showing a little leg.

Watch for the process to continue until 2010, when the Marlins say their last one-year lease extension will be up in Miami Gardens, and here are the headlines I foresee between now and then.

SAN ANTONIO GETS SAINTS: Talks begin on new football stadium, end on Marlins’ relocation.

THREE STRIKES ON PORTLAND BALLPARK PROPOSAL: Voters pass again on Marlins in tough budget year.

TWINS JOIN MARLINS ON RELOCATION LINE: New ballparks easier said than done.

HASTA LA VISTA, MARLINS: Major League Baseball wants to buy team and move it to Monterrey, Mexico.

FALSE ALARM ON FISH: Loria says he won’t sell Marlins, seeks ownership partners instead.

SIEGFRIED & ROY MAKE PITCH: Entertainers covet Marlins for six-month booking at new casino-arena complex on Vegas Strip.

NICKNAME FLAP KILLS MARLINS MOVE: Siegfried & Roy didn’t realize ‘Tigers’ was already taken, retract co-ownership bid.

SAMSON ANNOUNCES MEDIA BLACKOUT: Says he’s tired of speculation on where he’ll visit next.

MOLINE, ILL., WELCOMES MARLINS: City seeks ways to close $400 million ballpark financing gap.

SAMSON SAYS MOLINE VISIT ‘PURELY EXPLORATORY’: Hotel clerk reveals Marlins president has reservation tonght in Rapid City, S.D.