“Roy Williams and I have one thing in common,” brags 850 The Buzz host Joe Ovies.  “We both like to curse. Off the air, I drop F-bombs like they were punctuation. But for 4 hours a day for 5 days a week, the FCC prohibits such language.”  Sadly for those of a delicate sensibility, such government regulations were not recognized by North Carolina head coach Williams following the Tar Heels’ close call last night against NC State.

Nothing gets Williams riled up quite like questioning whether or not he has thought of something. That™s exactly what happened when local writer Andrew Jones pushed Williams on why his veteran guys still œstink at certain defensive skills.

“If I knew the answer to that, do you still think we™d be fucking stinking? Everybody strike that f-word, I meant to say ˜frickin.™ Seriously, if you think I could figure it out, don™t you think I would do it?”

Williams apologized profusely once the press conference wrapped up. Not everyone found it funny. Apparently WRAL™s Jeff Gravely took Williams to task by saying, œCoach, you can™t strike live interviews. What, did you guys blow your cash on all the nifty HD technology and not have enough for a 7-second delay machine?”