Professing that “I still don™t know a whole lot more about Yom Kippur,” deposed Fox baseball analyst Steve Lyons is intereviewed by The Biz Of Baseball’s Maury Brown.

Bizball: At this point, do you feel like there™s really no way to repair this situation with Fox? It™s pretty much a deal where you™ll have to consider moving forward?

Lyons: You mean right now or at that point?

Bizball: No, right now.

I™m not holding out a lot of hope that they will change their minds. But, they should.

There is a pretty good public outcry¦ I mean, if they were hoping that they could just run me out the back door, and say that I made a racially insensitive comment, and whoever agreed with them would make a little noise and it would go away is one thing. But the fact that they fired me, labeled me a racist and the public outcry is against them? I don™t think they were planning on that. I think there are a lot of people writing letters. I think there are a lot of people speaking out. Across the country, I know every talk radio show covered it at some point. And some still are, and we™re talking about a week later. I™m pretty sure they weren™t expecting that.

Will it make them change their minds? I doubt it. But, if they did, I would certainly welcome my job back.