Says Brushback,

I guess Ann Coulter (above) can now be placed side-by-side with The Ultimate Warrior (who also caused a near-riot while giving a speech at UConn).

From the Hartford Courant’s Grace E. Merritt

Music that seemed to come from somewhere in the raucous audience that packed the Jorgensen Center at the University of Connecticut Wednesday night brought Ann Coulter’s speech to an abrupt end about 15 minutes after she started.

After waiting with her bodyguard on stage for several minutes for the music to stop while a section of the audience chanted “You suck, you suck,” an irritated Coulter said she would not finish her speech. She said she would go straight to questions and answers, suggesting the disruption was the best the liberals could do to counter her.

“I love to engage in repartee with people that are a lot stupider than I am,” she said. `We’re having a question and answer right now with the little crybabies.”

Responding to a question about withdrawing troops in Iraq, Coulter pointed out the United States still has troops in Bosnia and said various aspects of life are improving in Iraq, with elections being held, women voting and the insurgency growing smaller.

One student asked what she would do if she had a child who came out as gay.

Coulter replied: “I’d say, `Did I ever tell you you’re adopted?'”

She also aimed plenty of criticism at the Democratic Party, calling U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer of California a great candidate for Democrats because “she is a woman and learning disabled.” She also aimed barbs at Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts.

“If the Democrats want to stick to the middle of the road, why did they pick Ted Kennedy. Didn’t he have some trouble sticking to the middle of the road?” she said.

This wasn’t a completely lousy week for UConn, however, as the no. 3 Huskies defeated UMass 78-60 earlier tonight in Hartford. Raushaun Freeman scored 19 as Connecticut extended their record to 6-0.