And to think it’s Kornheiser who is always banging on about being in bed early. From Michael Wilbon in Thursday morning’s Washington Post.

It’s a sorry spectacle, watching Henry Aaron and Ryne Sandberg talk about catching cheaters in the last week of September when the games and the races ought to take up 100 percent of baseball’s agenda. It’s hard to watch Barry Bonds, who was a fabulously great player long before steroid allegations, pull his team within striking distance of front-running San Diego without wondering what he did and when he did it, or if some substance that is illegal in this country is the reason he’s still out there at 41 years old chasing Aaron. And if Bonds miraculously leads his Giants into the postseason, we’ll be wondering in October, too.

Never mind catching Aaron, if Barry Bonds can help the Giants erase a 5 game deficit with 4 games left to play, his ability to transcend the time space continuum is a power to be truly feared.

(Trevor Hoffman and Ramon Hernandez celebrate the Padres’ clinching the NL West crown, their enthusiasm tempered by the knowledge that news of their achievment might not reach Washington for several days)