Surveying the recent hysteria at MSG, New York Daily News media critic Bob Raissman thinks he’s identified the persons most responsible for the Knicks’ seemingly endless futility. Phil Jackson? Kurt Rambis? Carmelo Anthony? Steve Mills? Nope X 4 — instead, Raissman points a finger at those who’d enable James Dolan (above); ie. the paying customers ; “despite the myth, Knicks fans are far from being the most sophisticated in the league. They, along with a mostly passive, gullible media (populated by many fan boys who root for the team they allegedly cover) have routinely bought into the next quick fix or the notion top free agents actually want to play in ‘The World’s Most Famous Arena’ — another myth.”

Losing season after losing season, they gladly continue supporting Dolan’s inferior product by purchasing high-priced tickets and watching his MSG Network. For Dolan, this has been a banner year for selling “drama.”

Man, things were cooking. It started early when Derek Fisher bolted training camp, flew across country, became an essential cog in a love triangle, and got into a physical altercation with Matt Barnes.Ka-ching!

And it continues all the way into March, with the Knicks’ thoughts already turning to the beach, Dolan, treating a grown man like a child, authors a needless apology for Anthony, while a delusional media, especially inside the Valley of the Stupid, continues selling the notion Tom Thibodeau would actually insert himself in this mess.

Yet no matter what happens, Dolan will dust off the same old script next season, selling hope, drama, and dysfunction. The same suckers will once again buy in.