According to the NY Daily News’ Bob Raissman, the YES Network didn’t try too hard to ensure a post-ALDS chat between Kim Jones and Joe Torre.

For an entire season, the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network’s postgame show featured “The Joe Torre Report.” After every game – unless she had the day off – Kimberly Jones interviewed the manager.

After it was revealed here that Yankee front-office types, in association with some of their counterparts at Al Yankzeera (looking to get under Torre’s skin) were feeding Jones questions, some of these interviews became infamous.

Anyway, Torre’s one-on-ones with Jones lent the manager’s perspective to a game broadcast on YES. They kind of became a habit – must-see TV for Yankee fans or anyone trying to read Torre’s moods this season, especially down the stretch.

So, it was very, very strange that after the Yankees were eliminated by the Angels Monday night in ALDS Game 5, there was no Torre-Jones interview on YES’ special postgame report. After all, this was the last game of 2005. A moment when viewers would like to hear an in-depth interview with Torre.

And Jones (above), seen on the pregame show, was definitely in Anaheim.

Instead, YES presented the live feed of Torre’s rather generic six-minute, six-question press conference, at MLB’s podium, with sportswriters covering the game.

Spies said Torre did not want to do the YES interview and purposely blew it off afterGame 5. Rick Cerrone, Yankees senior director of media relations, said that was not the case.

“Joe had every intention of doing the YES interview,” Cerrone said.

Logistics, the media crush following the game, and a cockeyed decision by YES were the likely reasons a Torre-Jones interview did not materialize.

YES was sticking to its format. It should have been interrupted. We’re talking about a one-on-one with Torre, not some nebulous schlep. And, as anyone who has watched YES postseason postgames knows, there have been times when the network has run stuff from Torre’s MLB press conference and his one-on-one postgame interview.