Though Detroit was beaten yesterday by the superhuman Dwyane Wade, Flash’s unconscious performance pales in comparison to the evisceration of Carlos Delinfo’s wardrobe that took place earlier in the day. From the Orlando Sun-Sentinel’s Ethan J. Skolnick.

Ninety minutes before the game, Rasheed Wallace reached into the locker of backup guard Carlos Delfino, and pulled out a white coat, pink linen pants and brown shoes. Wallace then wrote “Miami Vice-like” on the greaseboard, pointing to the outfit, which was lined up on a chair (and in the shoes case, under it) as if a person was wearing it. Players took turns cackling and taking photos on their cameraphones. But Wallace wasn’t done. He was given a printout of Delfino’s face, and put that above the jacket. Then he got a pack of Marlboros and put it in the jacket’s front packet, while putting a Marlboro itself through the cutout photo, as it if were in Delfino’s mouth. Then a Pistons staffer wrapped toilet paper around the jacket, as if it were a scarf. Finally, Rasheed secured some sunglasses, and wrapped them around the photo.