Already considering a reported 4 year offer from the Texas Rangers, free agent pitcher Kevin Milllwood is getting the full court press from the Red Sox, writes the Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman. And no, he can’t play center field.

The Red Sox, according to an industry source, are believed to have already made an offer of four years to Millwood, but he is currently looking for a six-year deal. The obvious middle ground would be five years, which happens to be the length of the deal that another coveted right-hander, A.J. Burnett, got from the Blue Jays. Burnett received an annual average salary of $11 million and Millwood, who is represented by Scott Boras, is believed to be asking for more than that.

The Red Sox already have added starter Josh Beckett and want to bolster their rotation further, especially with the acknowledgement that they will have to trade David Wells. Given the team™s deficiencies at center fielder, leadoff hitter and shortstop, Wells might have to be traded to fill those holes.

Danny Horwits, agent for first baseman J.T. Snow, said the Red Sox are one of three teams left trying to sign the free agent. The 37-year-old, recognized by many as the best defensive first baseman in the game, could make up his mind shortly after Christmas, said Horwits.