I was working on a joke about the Canadian Mel Kiper Jr., but not wanting to offend a) our northern neighbors and b) persons employed by the hair care industry, I’ll save it for another afternoon. But suffice to say, excitement is at a fever pitch in the CSTB household, and not just because Steve Stone has Steve Phillips and Gary Thorne pissing themselves with laughter.

No, it’s because at 4pm this afternoon, the CFL will holding a dispersal draft, making the Ottawa Renegades roster available to the rest of the league. The Renegades previously announced they’d be suspending operations for the 2006 season.

(the ‘Gades’ QB Kerry Joseph, eagerly awaiting the name of his new employer)

I’m sorry to say I will not be available for the next few hours. If you need a ride to the hospital, you’re just gonna have to wait.