After allowing back to back HR’s off the Nationals yesterday, Rockies P Jose Acevedo hit DC’s Preston Wilson with a pitch. Washington skipper Frank Robinson wasn’t satisfied with umpire Jerry Layne’s subsequent warning, writes the Washington Times’ Mark Zuckerman.

“The rules say if the umpire feels like it was intentional, he doesn’t have to give out a warning. Just throw the guy out,” Robinson said following his team’s 9-2 win at Coors Field. “I haven’t seen a much more obvious situation than that one today.”

It didn’t help matters when Layne issued a warning to the Nationals’ dugout at the same time, thus quashing any possibility of retaliation from Washington starter John Patterson.

Wilson (above), who was traded from the Rockies to the Nationals last month, played down the incident. He said he has known Acevedo for a while and had no reason to believe he was plunked on purpose.

“It didn’t hurt, so I don’t really care,” Wilson said. “If he meant to hit me on purpose, I think that’s kind of weak. But if he didn’t and it just got away, then things happen. I know him, so until I hear different, I’m going to say he was just trying to go in and missed it.”

Wilson did appear to retaliate by trying to steal second with his team ahead seven runs (usually a no-no in baseball circles). He was thrown out by Rockies catcher J.D. Closser and later said it was not a reaction to getting hit by the pitch.

Without talking to Wilson, Robinson assumed he was stealing to retaliate. The manager also said if that was the case, he would have liked to see Wilson slide feet first and take out the Rockies’ infielder.