I’m having a hard time waking up this Columbus Day, so I might let the NY Daily News’ Lloyd Grove do the heavy lifting.

Carmen Electra apparently blurts out the N word during ecstatic moments in the bedroom.

So claims ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman – who was married to the “Baywatch” babe for eight days in the late 1990s – in his memoir, “I Should Be Dead By Now,” due out Nov. 1.

“Take it, n-! Go ahead, take it!” Electra allegedly screamed during their first romp in a Toronto hotel room, in 1998. “This is yours! Yours!”

Reached by phone in L.A., Rodman – who’s now married to Michelle Moyer – had only sweet nothings for his ex, who recently pronounced their marriage “the happiest eight days of my life.”

“I agree, if she’s serious about it,” Rodman told Lowdown, magnanimously bestowing his blessing on Electra’s current union with rocker Dave Navarro. “They were meant to be together. They’re small, they’re vibrant, they match up real well,” he said. “I’m happy for her.”

But in his book, Rodman reveals the real reason for a November 1999 marital brawl that drew police to their Miami hotel room and inspired this headline in the Daily News: “ELECTRAFYING FIGHT ENDS IN COUPLE’S FLA. ARREST.”

Rodman writes that Electra had tried to insert a large piece of uncooked penne pasta into her husband while he slept.