The Daily Herald’s Scot Gregor on a mooted swap between the White Sox and Phillies :

According to multiple reports out of Philadelphia, Phillies GM Pat Gillick would be willing to deal OF Aaron Rowand (above) and a pitcher – either reliever Ryan Madson or starter Gavin Floyd – to the White Sox in exchange for starting pitcher Freddy Garcia.

There is no shortage of rumors about which White Sox starter is going to be traded. Here™s another one – Garcia or Javier Vazquez to the Mets for outfielder Lastings Miledge, who is looking more and more like an overrated talent. The Sox might make a move if New York offers one of their top pitching prospects, Mike Pelfrey or Philip Humber.

Alex Rodriguez has reportedly said he™ll use his veto on any trade from the New York Yankees. Still, expect the White Sox rumors to continue. If the Sox are looking for a center fielder, the Nationals are shopping Ryan Church.

The Journal News’ John Delcos writes that in addition to the talks with Kenny Williams, the Mets’ Omar Minaya is sniffing out possibilities involving the Indians’ Jake Westbrook and Cliff Lee, along with the O’s Rodrigo Lopez.

Yahoo Sports’ Tim Brown is reporting that Greg Maddux-to-San Diego is a done deal (1 year, with a 2nd year at Maddux’s option, no sums disclosed).

Tony LaRussa was quoted Tuesday
as claiming Braden Looper might be considered for a spot in the Cards’ 2007 starting rotation. Chris Carpenter be damned, I think I speak for at least a few New York Mets fans when I say that not only am I rooting for Loops to make the transition, I hope he’s on the mound come opening day.

In what had to be the worst kept secret this side of Jon Heyman using a painfully outdated byline photo while at Newsday, the baseball scribe reports that J.D. Drew is officially a member of the Boston Red Sox. Because there’s no better antidote for Manny taking games/weeks off than the grittiest, grindiest, gamer of ’em all, J.D. Drew.