The Kings signed F/G Desmond Mason to a one-year deal earlier this week, despite the Oklahoma State product having played in only 19 games for the Thunder a year ago. Sacramento coach Paul Westphal rationalized the pact, partially, by declaring, “The message I want to send to the young players and probably to the loyal fans, as well, is that nobody is given playing time.” To which Sactown Royalty‘s incredulous Tom Ziller replies, “I’m not a coach, but I think there are ways to motivate young players without threatening them with a terrible, old player coming off knee surgery. Try cupcakes! Little children such Donte Greene and Omri Casspi loves cupcakes.”

That roster spot could be going to a younger player, a back-up center, a fan favorite, Chris Bosh’s best friend from third grade, a younger player, Tom Ziller or a younger player. If you were hoping for one of those guys, and instead get Desmond Mason, well that seems to be a loss. And if we get to, oh, October 10 and figure out Desmond Mason really can’t play anymore, well, then, you ain’t ever getting those preseason minutes and training camp reps back. Or the money you’re paying him to show up to training camp.

And again, Desmond Mason was not able to help anybody before his injury. He hasn’t been able to help anybody since 2004-05. Five years ago. Five. Years. Ago.

I don’t like to be pessimistic, but we are seeing the beginning of the justification for why Desmond Mason is on the court in the closing minutes of a tight game in February while Donte Greene waves a towel and Omri Casspi wishes he had a cupcake on the bench. This is not good, people.

At least with Mikki Moore we had awesome snake tattoos, and with Bobby Jackson we had everyone’s favorite King from the Glory Era. With Mason, we just have burbling anger.