Impressed that the YES Network can capture eyeballs for Yankees batting practice (even on days when they don’t take B.P.), the New York Times’ Richard Sandomir has some hot suggestions for Steinbrenner TV.

If one assumes the insatiability of Yankee fans for Yankee programming (on April 4, the batting practice show generated a peak 0.7 local rating, or 51,000 TV homes, pretty good for a program without meaningful action), then these modest series proposals must be considered:

Yankees Parking – Players’ cars get primped during games while George Steinbrenner directs traffic from the Deegan exit ramp to the garages.

Yankees Extreme Makeover  – Teams of fans compete to have their family homes renovated to look like the Yankees’ new ballpark.

Yankees Nip/Tuck –  A season-long reality series looking at two fans who undergo life-changing plastic surgery in the trainers’ room of the Yankee clubhouse to look like Derek Jeter and Randy Johnson.

I guess “Weight Training (And Personal Grooming) With Sheff” was a little too obvious.