In addition to laying the smack down on Mike Lupica’s presence at the Final Four (“How he found time to write is either credit to his ability or to the NY Daily News™s complete lack of standards for its cross-sectional lightning rod. They figure at this point, just throw his name on it and half the people will read it, no matter what, and the other half (including us) will ignore it.”),  Scott’s Shots’ David Scott was not quite blown away by Chuck Klosterman’s tourney coverage for’s Page 2.

The tag line at the Klosterman archive at for last weekend™s entries from Atlanta read: œChuck Klosterman is coming to you live from the Georgia Dome with all the Final Four you can handle.

Funny, from the time the title game started until it was over, Klosterman posted 644 words and about half of them were from an emailer explaining the origins of margarine.

I could have handled a bit more than that, methinks. And the K-Man’s claim that “Wi-Fi doesn’t really work at courtside because of the traffic at courtside” is complete bunk. My Hang Time cohorts and myself were posting at every media timeout (and more) without fail and without interruption ALL weekend long (pre-games, during games, post-games). The “sketchy” part was Klosterman’s prima donna attitude.

Yeah, really got their money™s worth out of that assignment.

The guy is superbly talented and writes circles around all of us “ I™ve been read the riot act on his genius. I even agree with most of it.

But he flat out stole money in Atlanta and he did it in a way that caused friction among the ESPN personnel in attendance. Use the guy the way he™s meant to be use and don™t try to pigeonhole him into a role he neither cares about nor puts the effort into.

The WiFi access wasn’t sketchy, Klosterman’s approach was.