From the Newark Star-Ledger’s Don Burke :

According to Dan Graziano, a person close to the situation, who requested anonymity because the deal is not yet finalized, said the former Yankees left-hander David Wells was close to signing with the Dodgers. The person said that, if the deal got completed today, Wells could start Sunday night’s game for the Dodgers here against the Mets.

Although he’s been idle for the past two weeks, it shouldn’t take Wells long to get into shape.

That was a joke.

Of the Mets’ recently sucktastic reliever Guillermo Mota, the Post’s Brian Lewis writes, “he’s struggling so badly, nobody should be wondering if he’s back on the juice.” And what’s so bad about Wilpon Inc. toiling on a level playing field? Where’s the praise for Omar Minaya’s integrity?

Nice work, Bob Timmermann, who performed some Elias Koteas Sports Bureau heroics to uncover a day’s worth of diabolical pitching to rival that of yesterday’s Baltimore Orioles.